Four Ways You Save Money By Hiring a Skip Bin Before Your Move

When people move, they typically have lots of things to get rid of or throw away. If you anticipate having a lot of stuff including garbage, building supplies from repairs you need to do or old furniture, consider hiring a skin bin. Having a skip bin on hand during a move offers you convenience, and it can save you money in a number of ways including the following:

1. By Reducing Your Trips to the Landfill

If you opt to take your rubbish to a landfill instead of renting a skin bin, you will likely have to pay a fee based on the size of your load. If you don't have a ute, you will need to face the additional cost of renting one, and if you can't fit everything into one load, you will have to drive there multiple times.

Between petrol, landfill fees, hiring a truck and all the ancillary costs such as buying a tarp to cover your load, it may be cheaper to hire a skip bin. Keep in mind you also save time, which is often equated to money.

2. By Eliminating Extra Rubbish Fees from Your Waste Removal Company

Most waste removal companies charge extra fees if you have more rubbish than fits in your bin. If you only have an extra bag or two of rubbish, it may be more affordable to just use your regular rubbish service.

However, if you have furniture, construction waste or multiple bags of garbage, it will typically save you money to hire a skip bin.  

3. By Helping You to Avoid Fees from Your Landlord

As you know, landlords can keep your deposit if you damage the property or do not clean it before you move out. However, they can also charge removal fees for anything you abandon on the property.

By hiring a skin bin and making a plan to get rid of your items, you avoid these potential fees.

4. By Helping You to Avoid Fines for an Unsightly Property

If you have a lot of rubbish and you let it build up in your front yard or back garden, your neighbours may call and complain to the council that you have an unsightly property. As a result, you may face fines.

If the council approaches you about the rubbish, you can explain it is only temporary because you are moving and planning to haul it to the landfill soon. However, the whole situation can still be annoying to deal with. In contrast, if you hire a skip bin, you are allowed to keep it in front of your home while you prepare to move.