How to Clean Your Windows Without Streaking

Is there anything more annoying than spending an afternoon cleaning the windows in your home only to find that they have been left with streaky marks that make them seem even dirtier than when you started? Cleaning glass is not quite as simple as wiping down furniture or cleaning a countertop, and you have to employ certain practices to ensure that your windows are free from streaks. Here are a few ways of ensuring that your windows sparkle without a streak in sight.

Use Distilled Water. When most people clean their windows, they don't actually think about the water they are using. Water from the tap should work just fine, right? Well, actually, that might not be the case. By diluting a cleaning solution with water from the tap, the mixture will contain all of the mineral particles that can be found in tap water - and the result? Streaking. Using distilled water will ensure that you are using water in its purest form and this should give you a more even clean.

Make Use of Vinegar. Vinegar is truly a miracle product. You can use it to wash your clothes, get stains out of carpets, and it can be used to create sparkling clean windows too. Vinegar has a very acidic composition and this quickly breaks down the dirt that can be found on windows that need to be cleaned. And the best part is that it does so while leaving no streaks whatsoever. Just create a solution of 50% water to 50% vinegar and get cleaning.

Forget Paper Towels. It can be really useful to dry your windows after you have washed them to avoid water streaking, but you must never do this with paper towels. Paper towels leave streaks and they also leave little particles of residue behind. It is a much better idea to invest in an absorbent cloth such as a squeegee to mop up all of that excess moisture.

Hire a Window Cleaner. If all else fails, get a professional on the case. Professional window cleaners will clean your glass perfectly because they have the right equipment for the job, and with practice doing it every day, you can pretty much guarantee that they will do the job well.  Sometimes it's well worth outsourcing a task if you are going to get really great results.

Follow these tips, and you'll have streak free windows every time. For more information, visit