Which Skip Bin Do You Need for Your Spring Cleanup?

It is getting to that time of year again—spring cleaning. This is a great time to get rid of all of those junky items you are no longer using, from broken items to old clothing to regular trash and more. In fact, you may have so much stuff to get rid of that it is too much to simply use trash bags.

In this case, it is best to get a skip company that offers bins for hire. There are different types of skip bins, and not all types of waste can go into all bins. Here are the main bins for hire that are used for household cleanup projects, and what they are used for.

General or Household Waste

These two types of skip bins are for everyday household waste, including clothing, paper products, cardboard, broken toys, small kitchen items, etc. You can also place light furniture items into these bins, as well as light waste from building projects (dry lumber that is untreated, gyprock, etc.).

These bins are large enough to be able to hold old appliances, including refrigerators, and you can also place lawn clippings and other light waste into general waste bins. Items that can't be placed in these bins include bricks, soil, computer monitors, carpeting, insulation and other hazardous materials, and artificial turf.

Green Waste

If you are planning on cleaning up around the yard, get a bin for green waste from an agency. These can hold small shrubs, twigs, lawn clippings, small branches, wood chips, bark, and leaves. If you are getting rid of small trees, these bins can hold small trunks that are no more than 150mm wide and 500mm in length. Untreated timber can go into these bins. You can't use these bins for bricks, soil, dirt, palm trunks, large tree trunks, and hazardous materials.

Mixed Rubble

Your outdoor cleanup may involve getting rid of heavier items. In this case, you will need to have a bin that is designated for mixed rubble. These bins can be used for getting rid of bricks, sandstone, rocks, pebbles, small concrete rubble, and mortar. You can also use it to dispose of old roofing and flooring tiles.

While you can use this type of bin for sand and soil, you will need to check with the bins for hire agency to find out how much you are allowed to put in it, as it may be limited. These bins are not for general waste, palm fronds, or hazardous materials.

Learn more about your options by consulting with suppliers such as Suncoast Skips.