Fun 2015 Trends in Residential Carpeting

Whether you're ripping up your outdated living room carpet, or choosing flooring for your brand new home, consider these current trends in residential carpeting before selecting a chic carpet solution that is right for your family, style and budget.

Play around with colour

Neutral colours are the safe bet for large carpeted areas, however there is a trend towards integrating splashes of bold carpet colour for aesthetic appeal. Think beyond beige in 2015—why not consider a soft green, blue or yellow, or for a room with neutral furniture go bold with a bright hue that complements both your taste and style?

If you carpet with bold colours selectively and in moderation, it's not going to break the bank if you feel like a change in 5 years time. Bedrooms and hallways are great areas to play around with colour a little. Just remember to keep your high-traffic areas carpeted a neutral, forgiving colour for long-term durability to make it easy when keeping it clean.

Focus on luxury and comfort

Plush, thick pile carpets are making a big comeback in low-traffic areas such as bedroom or formal lounge. There are a variety of luxurious, plush carpets on the market, made of everything from velvet and silk to plastic and even paper products. These thicker, more tactile options are best in areas where you're likely to be moving around barefoot, to take full advantage of the decadence.

Experiment with texture

Carpet manufacturers are taking full advantage of varying pile heights and fibre materials to produce carpets that showcase the value of texture. If you're looking for a durable and affordable option that will hold it's shape over time, look for a synthetic fibre with medium rigidity. Geometric textured patterns are ideal for turning your flooring into a arty feature.

Consider a complementary pattern

Designers are playing around with colour, and the patterned carpet is seeing a resurgence in popularity and availability. Keep an eye out for ultra-chic patterns in subtle colour variances, such a bold stripe, elegant floral or fleurs-de-lis. A wide chevron pattern in a neutral grey and pale yellow is as stylish and on-trend as it gets in 2015.

Don't settle for carpeting your entire home with the same, monotonous beige carpet, devoid of texture and excitement. Showcase your personality and style in 2015 with bold use of colour, texture, patterns and luxurious carpet pile. For tips to keep your carpets new and fresh, consult with local experts like You'll Say Wow Carpet Cleaning.