Hiring Commercial Cleaners? Five Ways to Get Your Employees Involved in the Process

Hiring professional office cleaners ensures your office stays clean for your staff and your clients, and it saves your employees time as they don't have to do the cleaning themselves. However, even though your employees are not cleaning, they can be involved in the process.

Here are five things your employees should do to

1. Create a list of allergies and concerns

If you have any employees with allergies to cleaning products, you want to know that before you hire a commercial cleaning crew. Ask your employees to give you a list of their allergies or irritations. Then, use that as a guide when interviewing cleaners about the products they use.

By avoiding triggering your employees' allergies, you make your office, a healthier, more productive place to work.

2. Put their chairs on their desks at the end of their shifts

If your employees put their chairs up on their desks, it makes it easier for the cleaning crew to vacuum efficiently. If the cleaners don't have to worry about moving chairs, they can finish faster, ultimately saving you money.

3. Leave chairs down and clear desks once per week

Just as dust and dirt builds up on your office carpeting, it also builds up on your desktops. Choose a special day once or twice a week, and on that day, have your employees leave their chairs on the ground, but have them clear off their desks. That way, your cleaning crew can dust or scrub the desktops.

4. Keep drinks out of individual rubbish bins

If your employees have small rubbish bins next to their desks, create a policy that they should not throw partially filled beverage containers in these bins. Typically, the rubbish bags in small bins are not strong enough to hold liquids.

If these bags get taken out with half-filled cups of liquid in them, the liquid may drip all over the floor, making your office even messier and creating more work for the cleaners.

Instead, have your staff only use a large bin in the break room for beverage containers. That way, you know liquids are in a strong bag, and ideally, employees can throw out the liquid in the break room sink before putting the container in the rubbish.

5. Take home their breakroom food occasionally

Once a week or at least every two weeks, you should have the commercial cleaners deep clean your break room. This deep cleaning should include wiping down the fridge and the microwave. So that the cleaners can clean these spaces, instruct your employees to remove all of their food. Any food that is left can be thrown out.

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