The Amazing Diversity of Carnauba Wax – Wax to the Max!

Carnauba wax is the substance most often used to wax fruit and vegetables, but the wonders of Carnauba wax don't stop there. The diversity of function performed by this one simple product is fascinating.

What is Fruit Wax?

The most commonly used fruit wax is Carnauba wax which is derived from the Carnauba Palm it is commonly known as Palm Wax or Brazilian Wax.

What Purpose Does It Perform?

This benign substance is used world-wide to provide a protective shield between the item it coats and the corrosive environment in which we live. Just two drops of carnauba wax, per apple, does the job.

Is It Safe to Eat?

It is believed that Carnauba wax is safe to ingest and remains non-toxic following the refining process.  It has been used since the 1920's to replace natural waxes that have been washed from fruit. (Code Number 903). You will find it is also used is pastries, cakes, lollies and many other food items.

Watch Your Grades.

Its natural form, when dried and shaken from its source plant Copernicia prunifera is that of pale brown slivers. The grade may be altered through filtration and bleaching. The refining process, and grade of Carnauba required, will depend on it's intended use, which may range from furniture polish to lipstick with numerous possibilities in between.

Getting Personal.

Carnauba wax  is often used in natural and organic skin care products for its hypoallergenic properties; it both soothes and moisturises sensitive skin. It appears in many personal care products--such as dental floss and deodorant--as well as a wide range of cosmetics.


Many medications, manufactured in tablet form, are coated in Carnauba to aid in ease of swallowing.  

Surfs Up

When combined with coconut oil, carnauba wax is used as surf board wax. This product is used  primarily to provide a protective coating to the top surface of the board in order to prevent the surfer from slipping, in addition to protecting the board from sand graze.  

But It Doesn't Stop There! Carnauba Is an 'industrious' Little Product

Carnauba when combined with a solvent is used as a release agent. It lends itself to this purpose due to its compatibility for use with epoxy resins. It functions by preventing bonding between materials when molding.

Time to Polish Things Off

Many commercial car polish products, furniture polish and timber treatments are based on carnauba wax. The emollient characteristic of the wax polishes and protects the outer surface of the motor vehicle, and preserves and nourishes timber furniture and flooring.

This Queen of Waxes 'hides her light under the orchard bushel', by being most commonly described as fruit wax; clearly Carnauba wax is so much more! For more information, contact B.J.J. Industrial Brushes Pty Ltd.