Spring Clean The Exterior Of Your Home In Two Simple Steps

As winter nears an end you may be thinking about giving the interior of your house a thorough spring-clean. Once you've completed the interior of your home then it's worth casting your mind to the exterior as well. Exterior walls, the roof, and the garden of your home will all be in need of attention to look their best. Here are two easy yet effective ways to spring clean your home from the outside:

1. Pressure clean your walls and roof

Over time, the exterior walls and roof of your home will accumulate a stubborn layer of dirt which is difficult to remove through simple washing. Cold and damp weather may also mean that mould and mildew has infested the exterior walls, which is unsightly and also a potential health threat.

Hiring a professional pressure washing company to clean off these external areas is a very effective way to clean them. It's also family friendly, as the high-powered water pressure cleans thoroughly without the use of harsh chemicals. You can even have your driveway pressure washed which will have it looking like new.

It is possible to hire your own pressure washing machines from your local hardware store. However, these do not have the strength of the industrial machinery used by the professionals, so you may not get the same results if you do it yourself. Also, if you are inexperienced with using pressure cleaning equipment it's possible to cause damage or corrosion to your exterior surfaces, especially to paintwork.

2. Clear out your garden beds

Although weed growth is restricted during the cooler months your garden beds will still need some attention after the winter. Leaf litter from the autumn tree shedding plus debris from storms should be removed to create a clean palette for new spring growth. Decomposing leaf litter can also harbour mould growth and create a very unpleasant smell in your garden.

Unfortunately, some plants will not survive the cold weather. Remove any dead plants from your garden beds and also remove any broken or dead limbs from your trees. The end of winter is a good time to apply fertiliser to your garden beds and lawn as well. These steps will have your garden looking fresh and tidy and in optimal condition for a fruitful spring season.

Spring cleaning the exterior of your house should be considered an essential event at the end of each winter. Your house will look terrific, and you will also be increasing the lifespan of your wall and roof materials by maintaining them on a regular basis. Contact a company such as Southern Cross Cleaning (SA) Pty Ltd to learn more.