Asking the Right Questions Before You Hire an Office Cleaner

It's always best to hire a professional company when you want to have your offices cleaned, as having your staff clean the offices is a waste of time that they could be spending on servicing the customers; this can also mean a very unhappy staff. They may also not be very skilled at cleaning the surfaces and items in your office, and something may get damaged or broken.

When you do hire a professional company to clean your office, you want to ensure you ask the right questions of the company. Then you know you're hiring the best company to do the job. Consider the following topics to cover with them.

1. Note if they specialise in offices and not residential homes

There is a tremendous difference in how offices and residential homes are cleaned; offices may need more attention to cleaning around computers and other such equipment and performing a deep clean of the floors, especially in the restrooms and kitchens that get a lot of foot traffic. Residential cleaning may be much lighter with just dusting and vacuuming and may not involve working around office equipment. You should consider only hiring a company that has experience in cleaning offices and not just homes so you know you'll get the job done right.

2. Consider their insurance limits

Cleaning companies will usually have insurance, but you might ask about their limits and how much insurance they carry. This is because some companies will have such limited policies that you will not receive much of a reimbursement if something were to get damaged in your office, and especially if delicate or expensive equipment were to be broken or scratched. If a cleaning company only has a $20,000 limit on their policy and they will regularly be cleaning around your $50,000 video equipment or prototypes, you may want to ask them to increase their limits, or you might want to work with another cleaning company.

3. Ask if they use green cleaning supplies

Green cleaning supplies doesn't refer to the color but to how eco-friendly the supplies are, according to their ingredients. Supplies like bleach and certain disinfectants can be very irritating to the sinuses and the skin, and your office workers may not appreciate having to sit all day in an office that smells like strong cleaning supplies. Green supplies that use natural ingredients like baking soda and vinegar rather than harsh chemicals can be safer and healthier. Don't hesitate to ask what supplies the company uses and work with a company that prefers natural products when possible. For more information, contact a business such as Comclean Australia Pty Ltd.