Manage Waste on Your Construction Site with Garbage Chutes

Waste management is always a matter of concern on construction sites. Failure to dispose of waste correctly can result in health hazards on your site as your workers are exposed to dangerous substances. Additionally, when trash is left lying around, it can increase the risk of accidents.

If you want to safeguard your site and limit workers' compensation claims, you need to come up with a way to manage waste correctly. Garbage chutes are an excellent solution for this task. They allow you to collect trash in one place so that it can be disposed of safely. Read on for tips on how to get the most out of a garbage chute on your construction site.

Install chutes correctly

Efficient use of garbage chutes depends on how well they have been installed. The equipment is available in various sizes; therefore, you can choose the most appropriate one depending on the amount of waste generated on the site. For small chutes, they can be installed as standalone fixtures on the construction site. All you need to do is attach them to one side of the building.

However, for large chutes, you have to install a supporting frame to hold the equipment in place. That's because the large ones can easily tip as workers dump trash in them. The frame holds it firmly in the ground and prevents accidents on the site.

Clear the perimeter

It is essential to create a boundary around the chute, especially if workers will be dumping trash from a height. This will prevent the workers on the ground from being hit by flying debris as they work. Leave a substantial area around the chute and cordon it off with warning signs so that no one will come near it. Also, if anyone is throwing materials and other construction waste from a height, they should alert other workers on the ground to keep a safe distance. Doing this will prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries on your site.

Schedule for chute cleaning

Keeping your chute clean is essential to maintaining a safe construction site at all times. Organize for regular cleaning throughout the project. This will ensure that the chute remains in good working order. Before the cleaning, the service company will dispose of the trash, hose down the chute, and ensure that it is dry and ready for use. Outsource this to a reputed company so that your workers can handle other essential aspects of the project.

Follow these tips to manage waste efficiently on your construction site. You can contact a chute supplier if you want the best equipment for collecting garbage.