Outsourcing Laundry Services Can Transform Your Business

How do you get the office curtains, kitchen and bathroom towels, aprons and uniforms cleaned? Well, if you are trying to save money, you probably have an office laundry room or communal washer in the building where your employees do the laundry. However, if you get your laundry done in-house, you may not be saving time or resources. Outsourcing your washing and drying services to a professional company can be a great and profitable idea, and this article will tell you why.

Save employees' time

If your employees do the laundry in your company, this task eats into much of the time that they would use on other productive company things. What's more, since no one really wants to be stuck doing the office laundry, most will end up wasting a lot of time sorting the clothing, determining how much detergent to use and so on. With a laundry service, you just have to hand in your items and they get cleaned and brought back to your office. This way, employees get time to do what they are good at, and this can translate into better productivity. When employees are productive, the business becomes more productive as well.

Reduce energy costs

When you think of it, doing laundry at your office isn't much of a cost-saving venture. Your washer and dryer will consume energy, and when you do the calculations, this amount can add up to hundreds of dollars every year. What's more, if you only have a few tablecloths to wash, you will do so on a half load, and this will lead to wastage. However, when you outsource, you get your office towels, curtains and other cloth items cleaned at your convenience regardless of whether you have a full or half load. As a result, you will make significant annual savings on the company's energy costs.

Improve employee morale

When employees know that they have to do laundry in addition to their daily duties, their morale can go downhill. Some may even opt out of the company in search of a better working environment. As a result, you may be forced to use costly incentives to retain workers. Why don't you outsource your laundry services instead? Workers will be less stressed as they won't spend the day thinking about the next hard task on the line, and you will most likely realise a lower rate of employee turnover.

A simple task like laundry can hurt operations in your business. Outsource this service to the professionals so that you can maintain a clean, motivating and stress-free environment for your workers.