Why to Hire a Service to Clear Out the Home of a Deceased Loved One

The death of a loved one can be heartbreaking, traumatic, and stressful. There is not only high emotion involved in saying goodbye but also the complexities of tying up their loose affairs. This can be even more complex when your loved one lived in a different part of the country. Aside from the funeral arrangements, you might simply not be able to be present for a lot of the necessary processes, such as emptying their home so that it can be sold (or so that it can be rented out again if your loved one was not the owner). Using a professional deceased estate cleaning service can make this complex affair into something efficient and straightforward. You can expect to be consulted along the way.

No Emotional Connection

Clearing out the home of a deceased loved one can be difficult. In your grief, it might be that it's too much of an emotional burden to go through your loved one's possessions and make a decision as to what will happen to each and every one of them. A professional cleaning company will not have this emotional connection to what is essentially their job site, and while they will undertake the task in a respectful manner, the lack of a sentimental attachment can make the process more efficient.

Disposal and Donation

You will still need to give a clear direction as to your desired end result, whether you want the property to be emptied, cleaned with a goal of going on the market, or inspected by a landlord for the refund of the bond. While what is obviously clutter will be disposed of, items that are potentially of value or use can be earmarked for sale or be donated to a charity of your choosing (or one that your loved one had an interest in). The cleaning job will be exhaustive, and it can even identify issues with the property that will need to be addressed prior to its sale.

Sentimental Items and Bequeathments

You might wish to give the home a cursory once-over prior to the cleaning company beginning their work if only to identify sentimental items which might be desired by you or other family members. A professional service an also locate any particular items that have been bequeathed in the deceased's will. If any other items of potentially sentimental or cash value should be discovered during the cleaning, the company can document these and send you photos, allowing you to make a decision as to whether you want the item shipped to you, donated, or disposed of.

The death of a loved one can be such a difficult time, so professional assistance for some of the process can make the experience far less difficult. Locate a deceased estate cleaning service near you for further details.