Cleaning Your Carpet at the End of a Tenancy

When you come to the end of your tenancy, the person you're renting the property from will likely perform an inspection. As a part of that inspection, they'll try to figure out whether they need to perform a deep clean of any area for the next tenant. One area that you shouldn't neglect is your carpet. If you want to avoid losing some of your deposit due to a dirty carpet, here's what to do before you move out.

Tackling Stains

Without realising it, you may have inflicted stains on your carpet and failed to remove them fully. Unfortunately, tackling a stain that's had a chance to settle in is harder than removing one that's fresh. However, that doesn't mean the task is impossible.

First, try using a hard bristle brush to remove any solid matter. This is particularly important for food stains, cat fur balls, and anything else that isn't just liquid. From there, use an everyday carpet stain remover and allow it to settle. Or, make a bicarbonate of soda paste that can lift some of the stain. If the stain is still present despite your efforts, you may need to use a professional cleaner.

Deodorising the Area

Deodorising your carpet is particularly wise if you have pets or children. Despite your best intentions, you may find that the carpet has a smell that only a new occupant is likely to notice. This may happen as you gradually adjust to subtle smells over time, leaving you unable to notice subtle changes.

Try sprinkling a deodorising powder on the carpeted areas of your home and allow it to settle for a few minutes. Leaving it alone for a short while gives it a chance to disrupt any subtle odours that are present. If you have an area where pets have spent a lot of time, use a neutralising solution specific to their species. By using deodorising solutions, you can ensure your carpet smells fresh.

Using a Professional Carpet Cleaner

A professional carpet cleaning service can help you tackle any stains, discolouring, and smells that have built up during your tenancy. By doing this ahead of your post-tenancy walkaround, you can take control of the cost yourself and potentially avoid unexpected and unfair deductions from your deposit. After carrying out their work, the person who cleans your carpet will leave it looking fresh. You can choose to use these services either before or after you move out.