Cleaning Your Carpet at the End of a Tenancy

When you come to the end of your tenancy, the person you’re renting the property from will likely perform an inspection. As a part of that inspection, they’ll try to figure out whether they need to perform a deep clean of any area for the next tenant. One area that you shouldn’t neglect is your carpet. If you want to avoid losing some of your deposit due to a dirty carpet, here’s what to do before you move out.

3 Carpet Cleaning Tips To Follow If You Have Allergies

Allergies can be a nightmare to live with, and it’s even worse when the allergens are inside your own home. Your home should be somewhere you can rest and recuperate, but that’s nearly impossible when you find yourself sneezing or nursing itchy skin every time you sit down on the sofa or get in bed to sleep.  That said, keep in mind that you don’t have to live with allergens in your own home.